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Your distributor or manufacturer has just given you notification that a part or component is going end of life. You have 6 months to last time buy and your trying figure out what to do. The product that uses the EOL part has just reached the market and now the manufacturer and/or distributor are enemy number one to your company's success.

What to do?

  • Contact a company that specializes in EOL parts
  • Develop a migration path that allows time to meet your objectives
  • Find suppliers/manufacturers that understand your life-cycle requirements

What we do!

Sourcing and finding parts is much like finding and developing people in your organization, they are no use if they leave right when things get going.

End of Life part search
We have a team of experts that specialize in EOL parts, both local and off-shore. That includes sub-assemblies, single board products, memory, flash memory and components.
Product Migration
Our relationships with suppliers and manufacturers that understand embedded life issues can help with your migration.


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