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Up Electronics Packaging Integration

We are dedicated to providing the best possible products for even the most demanding needs. We constantly research, locate, and identify the highest quality manufacturers in the industry so you donít have to:


Applied Computing solutions for military, telecommunications, data communications, Internet, industrial automation and mobile computing. Dedicated, high performance, high availability systems solutions, single board computers, portable computers and peripherals, integrated software support and custom engineered solutions across various industry standard platforms: CompactPCI, PCI, PCI/ISA, VME and PC/104. NEBS Open CT Servers.

Packaging & Enclosures

System Enclosures, Free Standing, Indoor, Outdoor and Rack mount based on Industry Standards.  Electromagnetic  Compatibility and Thermal Management. Passive Backplanes and Power Supplies. NEBS Open CT Chassis.

Integrated Systems

We can convert your concepts or projects to reality; from design concept to production. With our exceptional technical support, quick time to market, unparalleled customer and logistic support, build to order capabilities and commitment to excellence. Vertical Markets demand digital exchanges.


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